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Onlyfans with Daddy

JeanMarie has a new girlfriend and a new stepdaughter Carolina. Once he was sitting in the kitchen talking to Carolina about how things were going at school. The girl didn't seem to be very interested in studies but was spending all her time in her smartphone. It's Onlyfans, Carolina said idly. Her stepfather remembered MySpace a social network dinosaur she had never even heard about, so considered him to be sooo old while well still looking quite good and manly. I will go to my room.JeanMarie was happy to have such a good stepdaughter who didn't spend all her time with older boys or in some bad company. She was spending time doing homework and talking to friends in her social network, he thought. What was that Onlyfans Let's check what teenagers do these days.Having a first look, JeanMarie thought he made a typo in the site address, however after double checking.. Well. He must talk to the girl and teach her not to visit bad sites even if her schoolmates do!Meanwhile in Carolina's room. The young girl set up her smartphone on a tripod and exposed her shaved holes to the camera just like a pro porn model! She started with a small anal tree and soon enough proceeded with a big black double dildo which slid into her anus so easy like it was a throughpassage rabbit hole.JeanMarie came to Carolina and said many good words about how good young girls should behave themselves. He hugged his cute stepdaughter and... found a dildo sticking out the girl's asshole! That was a surprise! He needed to punish Carolina so that she would never do such stupid things again! However, when he was spanking her bare ass and trying to take out the sec toy, the girl started moaning and seemed to get extreme pleasure. Carolina involuntarily began to lick and suck her stepfather's dick!Well, you all know what it usually ends up with...

Published Time2021-03-03
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